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The main purpose to build Coney Island was to safeguard the history of Coney Island. The Island is situated at Surf Avenue. There is an information booth in the Island; there one can take information about the area.

The Coney Island Circus Sideshow

Coney Island provides a Variety of entertainment to tourists. The classic sideshows are available at Coney Island. Tourists will be astonished to see the wonders present there.

The Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade is an important segment of the Coney Island. Summer is the time when people can watch this parade.  The Island is filled with tourist during this period. People wear costumes that represent the elements of summer like sea and sand. People cut ribbons and throw fruit in sea to show their respect to gods.

Sunlight Pool

The Sunlight Pool is a great source of attraction for tourists in Coney Island.  The world's largest re-circulating swimming pool is there. Parents bring their children to have fun. Lovers of lane swimming enjoy there a lot.

Four water slides are present in Sunlight Pool including Zoom Flume, Pipeline Plunge, and Cyclone.  Food stalls and a picnic area are there.

Traditional Rides

Amusement Park rides are one of the charms of the Coney Island. Visitors can enjoy more than twenty classic rides on Coney Island. To enjoy this, one can buy a whole summer ticket or the day ticket. The two most visited amusement parks in Coney Island are Astroland and Deno's Wonder Wheel Park.

Different rides that visitors can enjoy include The Python Family Roller Coaster, The Scream Machine, The Grand Carousel, Dodgems, Bumper and Pedal Boats, The Wonder Wheel, The Tempest, and Kiddie Rides. The fabulous scenes of the Island can be seen while riding ferry.

Live Shows

A variety of live shows are presented at Coney Island. These live shows include Made in America, Far out Fairytales, Radio Time Warp, and The Madcap Puppet Theater. These shows are organized to preach and spread different morals such as patriotism. Far out Fairytales is a show for kids with songs. Puppets also entertain visitors.

Miniature Golf Course

The New York City golf course has been imitated there, and a miniature golf course has been made. Both parents and children can have fun there.

The Boardwalk is the sign of Coney Island. Many people use this for jogging. The Boardwalk is connected with Little Odessa that is a local resident. This name was given to it because a lot of Russian immigrants came to the island during the late 20th century.

The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation

The Aquarium for Wildlife Conservation is build near seashore and rank as the top aquarium in the United States .A large variety of animals is present there including sharks, dolphins and etc. Areal life environment has been created in it.

Dining Out

Coney Island has a large number of restaurants where all kind of food is available.

Coney Island Tourism Information

Public transport can be used to reach in Coney Island.

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The Coney Island

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