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Amongst Florida's Ten Thousand Islands in the northern-most part lies Marco Island. This beautiful Island, formerly named La Isla de San Marco (or Island of St. Mark) by the explorer Ponce de Leon is steeped in history, being founded in the early 1500's.

Unbelievably so, the island was not heavily populated and really only came into its popularity in 1962. A resort corporation found the Island to be so desirable, but needed a plan to enhance its surroundings. They dredge the canals which currently serve as inlets on the Island where there are beautiful homes and condominiums. What once was a quaint beach town, has now come to be one of the most beautiful exquisite islands in Florida.

Marco Island is a charming and elegant area where the beaches are sandy white and the sunsets are picture perfect. It is close to the Everglades National Park which has a beautiful ecosystem. There are many nature centers and preserves located around the island. It is privy to the beautiful Collier State Park which is an approximately 5000 acre wildlife preserve in Florida.

The community is one of Florida's most up-and-coming areas. Land is at a premium and many people are building on the Island's vast expanse. You will find some of the most beautiful Florida rentals in this area which lies just immediately south of Naples, Florida. You can rent an absolutely exquisite 3 to 4 bedroom home for your vacation and you can stay in this paradise town which is a world of its own.

For entertainment, you can be as refined as visiting the museums and art studios and then proceed to the different spheres of island treasure shops filled with local artifacts, art and clothing.

Dine on some of the Island's fresh seafood where Marco boasts some of the finest gourmet cuisine in establishments that reflect the tropical paradise.

So, for a very relaxed, luxurious vacation where you can simply enjoy an island paradise, your best bet is to select from the many vacation rentals available on the 16-mile span where you soak up not only the rays of the sun, but the beauty and quiet relaxation that abounds in Marco Island.

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Everyone loves the word "vacation". The best part is finding a great place to stay while you enjoy the surrounding area. There are many types of accommodations, but the place where you can get much more than a "hotel room" and truly relax is by taking advantage of many of Florida's vacation rentals. These vacation homes are everywhere from the tip of Florida in Miami, to Disney World and even in the northern sections of the state. Florida rentals are such a wonderful way to enjoy the surroundings of Florida, the parks, the beaches, and yet still feel like you have a bit of privacy in your own home-like setting.

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Marco Island Florida

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This article was published on 2010/04/01