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With many of us choosing to holiday in Great Britain this year, just what is the appeal which prevents thousands of us from flying to sunnier climes?

With scenery so splendid come snow or sun, the Lake District offers that ‘wow' factor which many resorts abroad would have trouble contending with. For ramblers who like to get down and dirty with nature, pull on your ice breakers, get your hiking boots and begin your march. Rummage through the hills and around the waters edge, the crisp air from the water brings a sting to the chest, but after conquering your first, you'll be set for the rest. There's a local pub around every corner where their homemade soup and rustic roll will entice you in for an afternoon warm.

An almost replica to Smugglers cove on the stunning Greek Island of Zakinthos, Porthcurno beach in the beautiful region of Cornwall offers striking scenery with its small nestled cove and crisp golden sands, all enclosed by overpowering granite cliffs. This south facing sun trap is ideal for sunny days with the inviting clear blue waters welcoming you in for a refreshing dip. For a fun filled family getaway, get out the bucket and spade and head to the charming Dunster beach in the famous area of Somerset. Offering an amazing 400 acres of private sandy beach, this recognised nature reserve is safe for children and also offers a large lake, wild flowers and plenty of wildlife.

Discover rural England in the countryside where peace and quiet take precedence. Its landscapes are immaculate and set a different scene depending on the time of year you visit. With dry stone walls connecting the various fields, like a patchwork quilt, each section different. As you meander around the pedestrian footpaths, absorb the fresh open field scent, the sound of the trickling river and the crashing of the striking waterfalls. It's hard to find a walk much prettier than those in Great Britain.

Long gone are the days when going on holiday meant visiting the nearest coastal resort and booking a caravan for the week. Nowadays, many of us don't even consider holidaying in England and why? Many of us don't look at what's right under our noses. These stunning, remarkable places lie within hours of our homes and whether it's a drive away or even a train ride, they're definitely worth a visit. If however, you're in desperate need of some soaring sun rays and a taste of traditional Greek culture, forget about the gorgeous Great Britain holidays and find a rural retreat on a small quaint island hidden in the Aegean. The stunning island of Samos offers unique qualities, you can discover old fishing villages, laze along the uncrowded golden coves and explore the islands past with a visit to its magical ruins.

This exclusive island can prove expensive throughout the summer period, however if you search for holidays leaving throughout September, check just a couple of weeks before your intended travel date and if luck is on your side, you'll come across fabulous cheap Samos holidays in no time and will have the pleasure of discovering the true beauty of this hidden gem for yourself.

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Gorgeous Great Britain Adventures

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This article was published on 2010/03/26