Experiencing the Magic of an Island Vacation Right at Home

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I was reading the Japan Times online a couple of days ago and an article about a small island in Okinawa Prefecture caught my eye.  The article said that it is the perfect place for watching jets take off and land. The islet has been uninhabited since World War II except for a sports field and some stores. At one time, there were 30 households. Now the only people who visit come to spot the planes taking off and landing from the airport less than a quarter mile away.

It turns out that a hot spring was found on the island recently and the government wants to build a spa there with lodging facilities and develop the space as a tourist attraction. So, it will probably change the face of the area.

I was drawn to this particular article because it reminded me of one of my favorite places in Washington, DC to go to spot planes; Gravelly Point. It, too, is a small island. Well, it's not really an island; it is a park close to Reagan National airport that gives the feeling of being on a small island.

You can watch the planes take off and land and you are so close, the ground rumbles. It is one exciting place! The runway is only 400 feet away from the park. At Reagan National planes take off and land every 2 minutes so is there is a lot of noise and activity. In fact you can spend all day there and not notice the time and stress moving away. 

It's a great place for thinking, for dreaming or just winding down from a day at your computer, especially if you are an entrepreneur working from home. It is like taking a vacation, except you are close to home. 

The park is right on the Potomac River and the planes have to fly low and come down along to the river to land. They fly right over the park and it looks like you can almost touch them.  (N.B. It is a weird feeling when you are a passenger coming in for landing to see you are flying right over the river.)

In spring and summer, you can lie on a blanket, picnic and enjoy being outside. You can see families with the kids running around. You will see people with dogs and bicyclers who come to watch and feel the excitement. You're home, yet you are not. You are experiencing the magic of an island vacation right at home. Great fun!

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Experiencing the Magic of an Island Vacation Right at Home

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This article was published on 2010/04/02