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Camping is an exhilarating part of anyone's life, and camping on Philip Island of Australia is something where you can enjoy, and rejuvenate your self in the quiet, spacious fun and frolic environment. Philip Island provides various recreational activities for adults and children both can enjoy the refreshing feeling of its surrounding. This is a place which offers various mind blowing puzzles, logical games and stimulating as well as refreshing Maze'N Things and many more lucrative fun filled games.

The Philip Island is situated near to Cowes Township, and it is the winner of 2003 and 2004 AAA Tourism Award of Excellence for the improved and beautiful Caravan Park. This Caravan park incorporates 3 star and 3.5 star fully air conditioned bedrooms along with cabins, spacious powered and without power caravan and camping site. Facilities are just world class for any camping site which includes Amenities block, Camp kitchen, Laundry, BBQ's, Playground and Ice and Gas refills.

Camping on Philip Island of Australia brings thrilling and exhilarating experience that one can easily lose itself in the fun filled environment. You find yourself in the midst of varied attractions. These attractions include Maze'N Things, MaxiGolf, Illusion Rooms and Puzzle Island.

Maze'N Things consist of labyrinthine lanes, and 45 kilometres long twisting turns, where loosing your self is a usual phenomena with confusing dead ends and irritating explorers. Maxi Mini golf course designs are in such a way that it challenges even the most experienced golfer too. Golf course is set on artificial turf with continuously changing landscaping and paving. The Australian grasses are used with granite boulders for surrounding the holes. Facility of checking scorecard is also available for golfers to check whether they are at par or not in the game.

Illusion rooms are the most sought out attractions where your mind and eyes both will get confuse after entering into these rooms. You can experience, flying, getting shrunk, water flows uphill, and houses flooded with water. These are uniquely designed illusion rooms such as shrinking rooms, gravity room where you can get horribly confused and even you can disappear yourself. Hence, it guarantees ultimate fun and frolic where enjoyment and laughing are non- detachable part of it.

Another attraction where you will not resist losing your mind and logic is Puzzle Island, where there are diverse illusions, challenges and mind blowing puzzles. You can experience loosing in the mirror maze or getting dizziness in the rotating room or experience a fall off from their 6.5 metre look out slide. This is a place where enjoyment is far beyond than expected. There is a puzzle cafe also with abundant seating arrangement where you can get from light breakfast to heavy brunch and dinner. It is a pleasant cafe where you can enjoy the taste of coffee with mouth-watering cake or scones with jam or cream. There are lots of delicious-food items enlisted in the menu of this Puzzle cafe.

Close to Maxi Golf there is a playground for children and families for true enjoyment. Near to this playground is an enclosed BBQ and picnic tables where your children and you can spend the most relaxing and enjoyable time together. Philip Island offers various shops also such as a retail shop, maze online shop, Lolly lips ice-cream shop and cafe chocolate shop where you can enjoy the yummy chocolates.

Camping on Philip Island Australia is the most relaxing, thrilling and exhilarating experience for anyone where fun and enjoyment is part of it. Spending quality time together in this fun filled environment is so admirable and enjoyable that it becomes a memorable time for everyone.

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There are lots of things to do on phillip island australia. This includes kids activities, sports and many other phillip island attractions for the whole family.

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Camping on Philip Island Australia

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This article was published on 2010/09/20