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Aeolian Islands are a group of remote islands that lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea on the north side of Sicily. This archipelago is well-known for its belt of volcanoes which is present on this set of islands. Many of these volcanoes have erupted in past years. Yet, it is one of the most admired tourist destinations around Sicily. According to the official data, around 200,000 visitors from whole world reach Aeolian Islands every year. Although the Aeolian Islands are very small with limited land area, yet UNESCO has announced them as a World Heritage area.

These Islands are named over the Greek mythological figure Aeolus or Elolus who is considered as the ‘ruler of the winds'. Aeolian Islands is a group of eight islands namely, Alicui, Filicudi, Alina, Lipari, Culcano, Panarea, Basiluzzo and Stromboli. Lipari Island is the largest of these eight Islands and therefore the Aeolian Islands are also known as Lipari Islands.

Lipari Island, being the the biggest Island of the group offers the best accommodation facilities for the tourists. There are many shopping centers, restaurants, multiplexes, bars and a lot more. At Lipari Island, you will be able to enjoy the whole historical and cultural activities of Sicily. There is a historical church that was built in the Norman era and the Aeolian Islands are famous for the national museum and the archaeological park. The Graceo-Roman castles and forts of the medieval era are amazingly beautiful and they invoke the feeling of a mysterious attraction towards the past era. Ponente Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the whole area.

If you are looking for a little more privacy where you can enjoy the closeness with nature and obtain internal relaxation, you may want to visit the Vulcano Island. You will be amazed by the experience of visiting the steaming thermal resorts that are located along the Gran Cratere volcano. The Volcano is inactive and the last time it expelled fire was 1890. Yet, you will be able to see the clouds of sulphur that are ejected from the inactive volcano. There is only one active volcano on the Aeolian Islands and it is a major attraction of a tour to the Aeolian Island. The active volcano is on the Stromboli Island. It offers one of the most amazing natural sight as you will be able to see the striking works of magma that erupts out almost every night. 

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Aeolian Islands!

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This article was published on 2010/10/25